Peter-J.M van-Boheemen Peter J. M. of Boheemen

I was born in 1950 in Voorburg, the son of a cattle dealer. After obtaining the diploma HBS-B at The Hague Aloysius College I was graduated in agriculture and water management at Wageningen University (M.Sc).

Then I worked at research and consulting organisations, in course of time on director level. I also held various administrative and political positions. More information on my activities can be found in my Linkedin-profile

At leisure I developed myself into a regional and family historian.  Thereby I built up a large collection of data and images. Recently a part has been published.

Since 2007 I am chairman of the Department Betuwe of the Dutch Genealogical Society (NGV: Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging). Futhermore, I am member of the Holland Genealogical Society Ons Voorgeslacht and friend of the Central Bureau for Family History (CBG: Centraal Bureau voor Familiegeschiedenis).

By this time I live almost 40 years with my wife in the Betuwe village Kesteren. Our four children were flying out early because of their studies.

By means of the website I want to give access to my collection. I would like get responses in the form of comments, complements or questions. Do not hesitate to contact me.