Peter J.M. van Boheemen

Peter van Boheemen,

Peter J.M. van Boheemen

My birth takes place in Voorburg in 1950 as son of a live-stock merchant. After obtaining the HBS-B diploma at the Aloysius College in The Hague (1967), I am graduated at Wageningen University as agriculturist and hydrologist (M.Sc. in 1974).

At the beginning of my career I am employed in water management research, where I focus on drought control in agri- and horticulture. Then I am appointed to manager of the Consultancy for Soil, Water and Fertilizer Matters in Livestock Farming. Almost all of my attention goes then to the manure surplus problem on the intensive livestock farms.
During the last part of my full-time career I am director Arable Farming and Horticulture at DLV Adviesgroep Ltd, a large consultancy for agri- and horticultural entrepreneurs. After that, I work on part-time basis as process director for the Covenant on Sustainable Crop Protection, a partnership of eight sectoral organizations for the environment and food safety.

In addition to my regular work I fulfill various administrative functions and as pensioner this is still the case. This starts with joining the Board of the parisch St. Cunera in Rhenen (1986-1990). Then I become active within the political party CDA. First in council committees of my municipality Neder-Betuwe (1994-2006), then as member of the Provincial Council of Gelderland (2003-2015) and at this moment as chairman of the CDA-department Neder-Betuwe (since 2014).

In parallel, I am part of the General Board of the Purification Authority and the later Water Authority Rivierenland (1995-2003). Furthermore, I am appointed as a member of the Supervisory Board for Foundation Home Care Middle-Gelderland (1999-2009) and of the Members Council of Rabobank Betuwe (2005-2012). At this moment I am chairman of Thom Huisman Fund (since 2012) and chairman of the Supervisory Board for the union of tree growers in Betuwe (since 2015).

Birth house in Voorburg in 1969.

In the remaining free time, especially since my full retirement in 2012, I have developed myself into a regional and family historian. In this context, I gather data about the family Van Bohe(e)men. Part of this has already been brought together in publications.
My hobby explains that I become chairman of the Department Betuwe within the Dutch Genealogical Society (since 2007), member of the Holland Genealogical Society Ons Voorgeslacht and friend of the Centre for Family History (CBG).

Meanwhile I live with my wife for almost 40 years in the village of Kesteren in Betuwe. Our four children flow out early because of their study. They have delighted us up to now with five grandchildren.

In 2015 I receives a royal award. My wife had this honour a year earlier because of her volunteer work.

With this website I want to share the data I have collected with interested people. A question, a comment, a correction or an addition is most welcome. So do not hesitate to react. This can be done with the help of the Contact Form.