Still growing family branches

The family tree section for the period 1800-1950 has 10 branches which continue to grow. This means, that all living family members belong to one of these branches.

All fathers at the beginning of the still growing branches are descendants of Cornelis Dirksz. van Bohemen. The latter can be found in the family tree section for the period 1430-1650 under number VIb.9. The family tree section for the period 1650-1800 that supplies the connection of the 10 fathers with Cornelis Dirksz., is still being processed.

In the diagram below the 10 fathers are listed. Together they form 20% of the approximately 50 fourth great-grandsons who Cornelis Dirksz. has in the male line about 1800. This low percentage illustrates that many branches of the family tree are dead-end. This has to do with marriages where the children die young or remain unmarried. In addition, there are childless marriages.

Near all 10 fathers are born in the period 1800-1820. Four of them are brothers and that also applies to two others. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the first three fathers are protestant and the other seven roman-catholic.

Johannes Barendse van Bohemen is at the top of the diagram. To read is, that he lives from 1809 to 1879. He and some of his descendants are working as porter in Dordrecht. That is why the family branch that begins with Johannes Barendse, is labeled as the Dordrecht porter branch. The other 9 family branches also have such a distinctive label. These labels only cover the load to a limited extent. The later generations often involve entirely different professions.

The widely divergent labels illustrate nicely, that around 1850 the majority of the family works outside the agriculture. Only the branches that come from the brothers Petrus Paulus van Boheemen, Nicolaas van Bohemen and Cornelis van Bohemen, are still in the footsteps of their ancestor.

On the right-hand side of the diagram you can see how many generations have been described and how many family members have been counted (excluding spouses). For example, the family branch described forJohannes Barendse van Bohemen counts 4 generations with 85 family members.

About common ancestor Cornelis Dirksz. is known, that he is baptized on 10 March 1634 in The Hague in the Grote of St. Jacobskerk. Around 1660 he married Angela (Engeltien) Leenderts Broekhoven. She died in 1692. In the same year, Cornelis remarried with Antonia Claasdr. van der Linden. The two marriages lead to the birth of 11 children who almost all become adults.
In 1686, Cornelis is tenant of the farm belonging to the estate Groene Woning in Eikenduinen. This estate is located just outside the former village of Die Haghe, on the road to Loosduinen. In 1696 Cornelis moved to Blijrust farm in Monster. In 1712 he sells this farm. Two years later, Cornelis died at the age of 76. His funeral takes place on 17 September 1714, pro deo.

Finding your family branch

The description of each family branch ends with an index. Here you can search for the name of your grandparents (or great-grandparents). Behind each name is a number that refers to the predeeding genealogy. It should be remembered that a child sometimes gets the familly name Van Bohemen, while the father has the family name Van Boheemen

Dead-end branches

The family tree for the period 1850-1950 also has a number of dead-end branches. These branches are still under construction and therefore not yet posted on the website.


The personal data are largely derived from published birth, marriage and death certificates (Civil Registers). In addition, use was made of family cards that can be found in the Population Registers.

For family members born after 1900, a lot of data was also taken from family advertising in regional newspapers. The remaining gaps were filled in as well as possible on the basis of verbal information from a family members. These gaps mainly concern marriages after 1930 and deaths after 1960. These data can not yet be checked with the help of data from the Civil Registers and for that reason may not be entirely correct. The missing data are marked with a ?-sign.

For privacy reasons, there are on this website no data for persons who may still be alive. They are referred to terms as Son, Daughter, Husband or Wife.