Cornelis van Boheemen (Stompwijk 1846-Den Haag 1901) is the fifth child in the first marriage of the Stompwijk stock-breeder Paulus van Boheemen with Pieternella Reeuwijk. His mother dies when he is only 2 years old. Father Paul then remarries three times. In total he gets eighteen children in the period 1839-1871, of whom thirteen become adults.

A horse-drawn semi-trailer that is driven into the Da Costa Street shortly after 1900 (F. C. van Boheemen, 2010).

Cornelis marriesin 1871 with Theodora van Rijn (Stompwijk 1846-The Hague 1924). He sees no future for himself in Stompwijk and therefore settles in 1876 in the strongly expanding city of the Hague. There he drives a water and fireshop in the Old Center, where he also sells things like coffee, tea and fuels. In 1884 he moves to the new Dichtersbuurt and starts a stable at Da Costastraat 95. There he rents horses, executes taxi rides with a carriage and stores furniture. He extends this business into a removal company and puts also into use adjacent buildings for this purpose.

Cornelis dies of pneumonia in 1901. The moving company is then continued by his sons Paul, Nelis, Dorus and David. They manage to rank among the top of 25 Dutch removal companies in 1907. Not only removals are carried out within The Hague, but also removals throughout Europe as can be read from the vehicles. The transport over a large distance then goes over the rail track (or with ships as to Dutch East Indies). In 1916, several buildings on the Kepplerstraat are purchased because of a need for additional storage capacity and putting away trailers. Around 1925 a switch from transport with horses to transport with trucks takes place.



One of the first trucks shortly after 1920 (F.C.van Boheemen, 2010).

In 1948 son David takes over the business in its entirety. He is succeeded in 1959 by his son Dick who chooses small scale. After his death in 1999, the family business ends after 115 years.

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