Replica of VOC-ship Batavia.

Arnoldus probably has great sea-legs. He makes many trips employed by the VOC (Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie; United Dutch East Indies Company).

October 14, 1714 Arnoldus gives notice to marriage Anthonia de Goijer in the Reformed Curch of The Hague. The marriage is confirmed two weeks later by clergyman Kempenaer. Arnoldus is then a soldier under the leadership of Captain Boxtel. According to the marriage books, both are born and living in The Hague.

If the interpretation of the VOC archives has been carried out correctly, Arnoldus makes no less than six trips to Batavia. The first trip begins April 25, 1717. He leaves his wife and a son of more than 1.5 years behind. Three more or less connecting voyages follows. He always stays away for 2-4 years. Between voyages he is only home for several months.

Voyages of Arnoldus van Bohemen to Dutch East Indies.

After coming back in 1725 Arnoldus does not go to the East Indies for more than seven years. During this period, his family is expanded with three children. At the end of 1732 he again boards a ship to Batavia. During this voyage, his wife gives birth to another child. Arnoldus then stays away for almost four years. The subsequent voyage takes more than two years.

The last trip to Batavia begins in March 1741. In September of that year he arrives. Half a year later he dies there.

Arnoldus joins as a soldier on two of the four voyagers. On two other voyages he is sailor and in the last two voyages he is a ‘bosschieter” (experienced sailor who is also charged with firing a gun).