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The family tree for the period 1430-1650 is based on an comprehensive archive research in 2017, supplemented by a number of later discoveries .

Records of baptisms,  marriages and burials are barely available for the period 1430-1650. Therefore use had to be made of less accessible sources such as tax records, annual accounts of monasteries, orphanage archives and judicial sentences by local courts and the Court of Holland. This involved a lot of puzzle work. The experiences during this research have been pubished Peter J.M. van Bohe(e)men in the periodical Gens Nostra (see Publications).

The research has not only resulted into data of lifespan, but also into many details about worth mentioning happenings overcoming the discovered family members. However, most  details are not included in the following genealogy for the sake of readability. They can be found in an article by Peter J.M. van Boheemen, published in the periodical Ons Voorgeslacht (see Publications). Thereby the sources are also specified. An copy can be requested using Contact Form.


Spirit of the time

The region where the family lives between 1430 and 1650, we now know as Westland. After the Roman period, this region is almost completely depopulated. From the 10th century onwards, people enter the area again from the old residential areas on the river banks and the sea walls. However, in 1134 and 1163 the reclamations are swept away by storm floods from the sea. Afterwards, the area eroded by the sea is slipped up with sandy clay giving Westland a fertile soil.

Thereafter Westland comes under the rule of West Frisian graves which call themselves graves of Holland. In collaboration with monasteries and wealthy noblemen, Westland is reclaimed  again.
In the administrative sense, Westland is divided into amts, under among the amts of Monster, Naaldwijk, ‘s Gravenzande and Wateringen. The graves often lend these amts to non-local noble families who appoint there a board in the form of a bailiff and some aldermen.

In 14rh century the population is hit strongly by the plague. In the three following centuries the plague turns up  several times.

Non-native rulers

Emperor Charles V, ruler of The Netherlands in 1506-1555.

In 15th century counts from the Burgundian House gets the rule over the county of Holland and thereby also over Westland. These are consecutively Philip the Good (1419-1467), Charles the Bold (1467-1477) and Mary of Burgundy (1477-1482). They implement a central administration and a central jurisdiction. This leads to the establishment of the States General, which meets for the first time in Bruges in 1464.

In 1477 Mary of Burgundy marries Maximilian I of Austria. After her death in 1482, the county of Holland comes into the possession of her son Philip the Fair (1482-1506) who belongs to the Habsburg House. The rule over Holland ends up with his son Charles V (1506-1555) and grandson Philip II (1555-1581).

Under Charles V, Westland has to deal with the Reformation. In 1581, The religious struggle leads to the dismissal of Philip II as ruler of the Northern Netherlands. However, the Uprising does take its toll in Westland, especially in 1572 and 1573. The farmers are then deprived of their livestock and cereals by the Spanish and States troops. Many farms are set on fire. In 1574 land inundation follows because of piercing the dike along the Meuse for supporting the relief of Leiden.

In Westland, the Reformation leads to villages predominanting by Catholics and those predominanting by Protestants. In Wateringen, Poeldijk and Kwintsheul, the population remains largely Catholic. On the other hand, the majority of the population in Naaldwijk and ‘s Gravenzande becomes largely Protestant. In Loosduinen and Monster, both directions get an qual number of followers. There arises no systematic persecution of Catholics. Shelter churches are tolerated and priests can even be appointed again around 1650.

Rise of horticulture
Around 1500 Westland’s landscape consists of a number of polders with scattered castles and villages with churches, chapels and monasteries. The dike build along the Meuse ensures that break-ins by the sea occur no more. At that time more than 30% of the population in the county Holland already lives in cities as Delft, Leiden Gouda and Dordrecht. In Westland, the population is almost exclusively employed in arable and livestock farming, except the population of Ter Heijde which focuses on sea fishing.

In second half of 16th century horticulture comes up in the form of fruit cultivation (apples and pears). From 1600 onwards prosperity in the county of Holland strongly increases thanks to the oversea trade. From then on, soft fruit (grapes, berries and prunes) is also grown, as well as vegetables (carrots, beetroot, turnips and onions).



In the adjacent geneagram, the first seven generations of the Van Bohe(e)men family are presented. Starting point is founder Philip born around 1430. On the right side, more than 20 members of the 7th generation are mentioned. They are born in the first half of the 17th century (1600-1650).


Family characteristic

The family spreads from farm Vrederust situated in the former Lozerdijkse Polder (later Uithof Polder). Nearly everyone settles close to Vrederust, so in the amt of Monster or the adjacent amts of The Hague, Wateringen and Naaldwijk.

Almost all descendants of founder Philip become farmer or farmer’s wife. They often use a large area of ​​land (in the order of 50 ha). The property of this is generally held by a monastery, church, chapel or charity institution and sometimes by an individual person. There is also used land in the form of a fief.

Philip’s grandson Sijmen, who takes over the Vrederust farm, also owns a house in Delft for a short time (1552-1554) and acquirs burghership of this city. One of his sons settles there as a corn buyer and also becomes a burgher of Delft. He marries a woman from the influential Van Bleyswijck family. Another family member settles as a peat man in Stompwijk. There are also several family members who become bakers in Delft and Leiden.

The level of education is relatively high, since many family members are master of writing and fulfill a public function such as ‘ambachtsbewaarder’ (manager of public works in a amt), alderman or appraiser. The possession of fiefs also indicates a respectable position.  Some family members have considerable assets (in the order of 5,000-10,000 guilders).

As discussed on the webpage Founder, a number of descendants have temporarily the Vercrocht/Vercroft family name like their stepfather or stepgrandfather. Later generations switch to the family name Van Bohemen.
In addition, two relatively small branches have the surnames Heul (derived from the village of Kwintsheul) and ‘t Hart. These branches die out in the male line.


Family of founder Philip

I. Philip, born. c. 1430.

Philip may be a great-grandson of Sijmon Florisz, born about 1320 (see Founder). On the other hand there has been noticed Philip perhaps is a son of Jan Philipsz. who exchanges in 1431 land lying along  the Hollewatering.

Philip has as son: Jan Philipsz, follows II.


Family of the son of founder Philip

II. Jan Philipsz., born c. 1460, farmer, presumably died after 1518.

Jan Philipsz. leases in 1486 7½ ‘morgen’ (7½ x 0,85 ha) in Escamp Polder from  the ‘Heilige Geest’ (Holy Spirit) and the Chapter in The Hague. In 1518 the lease is extended for 5 years. Presumably Jan Philipsz. lives on Vrederust in Lozerdijkse Polder.

Jan Philipsz. has as son: Sijmen Jan Philipsz., follows III.


Family of the grandson of founder Philip

III. Sijmen (Sijmon) Jan Philipsz., born c. 1500, farmer in Monster, burgher of city of Delft since 1555, died between 12-2-1555 and 24/26-1-1559,  married Lijsbeth Cornelisdr., died after 3-6-1559.

In 1544 Sijmen lives on Vrederust. He owns this farm with 6 ‘morgen’ of surrounding land. In addition, in 1544 he uses 29 ‘morgen’ in Monster and 21 ‘morgen’ in Eikenduinen, plus, partly together with someone else, 17 ‘morgen’ in Wateringen. In 1553 the land use is barely different.

It is remarkable that Sijmen Jan Philipsz. buys a house in the city of Delft  on the east side of the Oude Delft in 1552. Barely two years later he sells it again. Just before that he is registered as a burgher of Delft, whereby he is referred to as Sijmen Jan Philipsz. from Wateringen (borders Monster).

Given the extensive land use, his house in Delft and his burghership of Delft, Sijmen will have belonged to the upper layer of the rural population.

From his marriage:

  1. Jan Sijmonsz, follows IVa.
  2. Cornelis Sijmonsz, follows IVb.
  3. Sebastiaan Sijmonsz, follows IVc.
  4. Maritgen Sijmonsdr, died before 4-2-1568, married 1e widower Jan Dirksz. van der Croft, manager of public works  (ambachtsbewaarder) in Wateringen (1543), well-born man of Naaldwijk (1559), died shortly before 14-4-1561,  son of Dirk Jansz. van der Croft and Lijsbeth NN, married 2e c. 1561 Adriaan Jorisz., born 1536/1537, died shortly before 18-2-1572, son of Joris Cornelisz. and Neeltje Jorisdr.
    Adriaan Jorisz. married 2e before 4-2-1568 Maritgen Dirksdr., died shortly before 9-11-1626, daughter of Dirk Anthonisz. van Dijck and Trijntgen Jacobsdr. Maritgen Dirksdr. married 2e Naaldwijk 12-6-1575 Floris Jorisz., died shortly before 29-7-1598, presumably brother of first husband Adriaan Jorisz.
  5. Grietgen Sijmonsdr, married Cornelis Jacobsz.
  6. Geertgen (Geertrui) Sijmonsdr, died before 1566, married before 3-6-1559 Pieter Claasz. van der Valk, living in 1544 on a farm in Hoek Polder in Rijswijk, son of Claas Jacobsz. van der Valck and Stijntje Pietersdr.
    Pieter Claasz. van der Valk married 1e Dignum Cornelisdr, died before 20-9-1553, married 3e before 23-10-1566 Maritgen Maartensdr, widow of Pieter Huijbrechtsz., died Wateringen 15-5-1565.
  7. Aachtgen Sijmonsdr, married Wouter Damasz., churchwarden (1559).
  8. Maarten Sijmonsz, follows IVd.


Family of great-grandsons of founder Philip

IVa. Jan Sijmonsz, born c. 1525, farmer in Kwintsheul, manager of public works in Wateringen (1571), died between 2-7-1576 and 9-11-1581, married 1e 1549 Trijntgen Maartensdr. born c. 1512, widow of Pieter Claasz (Pieter Claas Jacobsz), married 2e after 1-12-1566 Marijtgen Cornelisdr, died before 9-11-1581, daughter of Cornelis Vriesz and Grietgen Joostdr.

Jan is often described as ‘Jan Simonsz aende Heul’. This means Jan lives in Kwintsheul. He owns there an house . In 1584 this house is sold to his brother Sebastiaan (IVc). In total Jan Simonsz uses more than 50 ‘morgen’, lying half in Wateringen.

From his mariage:

  1. Grietgen Jansdr, born after 1549, died before 23-9-1593.

Parcel  L9471 used by Jan Sijmonsz. Below former house of Jan Sijmonsz., but later owned by Bancraas (Pancraas) Claasz. Drawn in 1631 by Jan Pietersz. Dou.

IVb. Cornelis Sijmonsz, born c. 1530, farmer in Wateringen, appraiser 10e Penning of Wateringen (1561), churchwarden (1583), died between 27-9-1584 and 16-10-1599, married Catrijn Huijbrechtsdr., daughter of Huijbrecht Aamsz and Hilletgen Maartensdr.

In 1553-1572 Cornelis uses ca. 58 ‘morgen’ in Wateringen, lying in Oud-Wateringveldse Polder en Nieuwe Wip Polder. In addition, he  owns a house in Wateringen. Futhermore, he leases the ‘tienden van Laanblok’ in Wateringen, plus the ‘smaltienden’ in Wateringen and Monster.

Children from the marriage:

  1. Jan Cornelisz t’Eikenduinen, also named Jan Cornelis Simonsz, follows Va.
  2. Elisabeth Cornelisdr, married c. 1599 Adriaan Willemsz. the Oldest, later Van der Salm, living in Wateringen, widower of Maritgen Pietersdr.

Signature of Cornelis Sijmonsz als appraiser of 10e Penning in 1561.

IVc. Sebastiaan Sijmonsz, (Heul), born c. 1535, citizin of Delft, cereal merchant, burried Delft 3-10-1615, married Elisabeth Cornelisdr van Bleijswijk, died before 25-5-1591, daughter of Cornelis Dirksz (van Groenwegen) van Bleijswijk, died 22-3-1561, and Trijntje Persijn Corsdr.

Sebastiaan is indeed citizin of Delft, but he often stays on the house of his brother Jan in Kwintsheul. There he lets till land by servants which he boards. In 1584 Sebastiaan buys the house from the estate of Jan, but he already stays there in 1577. Earlier he owns his parental farm Vrederust which is  occupied then by his brother Maarten (zie IVd).
In 1579 Sebastiaan uses c. 40 ‘morgen’ in Monster en Wateringen. This indicates he not only buys and sells cereals, but also grow them.
Sebastiaan also acquires a farm in Rijswijkerhoek with more than 26 ‘morgen’, named Ockenburch.

Children from the marriage:

  1. Sijmon Sebastiaansz. Heul, follows Vb.
  2. Cornelis Sebastiaansz. Heul, follows Vc.
  3. Elisabeth Sebastiaansdr. Heul, died before 7-5-1625.

Signature of Sebastiaan Sijmonsz in 1602.

IVd. Maarten Sijmonsz, born c. 1536, farmer on Vrederust in Monster, well-born man (local judge) in 1590 and 1592, died before 1579, married Maritgen Gerritsdr, died before 18-5-1626, daughter of Gerrit NN and Trijntgen Jacobsdr.  Maritgen married 2e before 1579 Cornelis Jansz. Vercroft, managerof public works in Monster (1588), died between 21-3-1596 and 6-9-1598, son of Jan Dirksz van der Croft and Maritgen Sijmonsdr.

From the first marriage:

  1. Gerrit Maartensz. Vercroft, follows Vd.
  2. Cornelis Maartensz Vercroft, follows Ve.
  3. Maritgen (Maartgen) Maartensdr, born 1561/1562, buried (Protestant) Naaldwijk 21-7-1645, married 1e before 9-2-1583 Cornelis Jorisz (Molenwerf), born c. 1540, widower of Neeltje Cornelisdr, farmer in Honselersdijk, alderman of Honselersdijk (1587, 1590), died after 6-9-1598, son of Joris Cornelisz. and Neeltje Jorisdr. and therefor brother of Adriaan Jorisz. (zie III); married (Protestant) 2e Naaldwijk 24-8-1603 Cornelis Willemsz Persijn van Oudendijk, buried Naaldwijk 30-3-1631.
  4. Dochter, married before 2-7-1603 Louris Willemsz, living in De Lier.
  5. Dochter, married before 2-7-1603 Jacob Ariensz, living in Pijnacker.

Farm Vrederust is shown on the following map from the chartbook of the Abbey of Loosduinen made in 1569-1597. Top right Vrederust has been marked  with as subscript the name Cornelis Jansz. Vercroft. The drawn land borders at the right side to Lozerlaan. In the text block there is decribed, that the green coloured meadow and the grey coloured arable field are used by Cornelis Jansz. Vercroft.

Fragment from chartbook of Abbey of Loosduinen. At the top farm Vrederust.Drawn in 1569-1597 by Jan Potter et al.


Families of fifth generation sons of founder Philip

Va. Jan Cornelisz t’Eikenduinen, also named Jan Cornelis Simonsz, born c. 1555 in Wateringen, farmer in Eikenduinen in Segbroek Polder on the farm later named Bohemen, died after 29-10-1623, married 1e c. 1580 Haasgen Pietersdr Couck, daughter of Pieter Florisz Couck, born c. 1527, living in Monster on Made Road (1600), alderman of Monster (1576), trustee of orphanage in Monster (1576), died shortly before 6-3-1602, and Meijnsje Jans, died before 22-4-1594; married 2e c.1582 Jannetje Philipsdr., died after 12-6-1628, daughter of Philips Huijgensz., farmer in Eikenduinen in Segbroek Polder on the farm later named Bohemen (1561), and Heijltje NN.

Child from the first marriage:

1. Lijsbeth (Betgen) Jansdr, born c. 1580, buried Monster 19-8-1636, married 1e Vrank Gerritsz. van Dijck (van Adrichem), born c. 1562, buried Monster 23-4-1633. son of Gerrit Vrankenz. van Dijck (van Adrichem), alderman (1577) and well-born man (1594), and Machteld Pietersdr. Hoge(r)werf; married 2e before 15-8-1635 Cornelis Aartsz. van der Arent.

Children from the second marriage:

2. Philip Jansz (van Bohemen), follows VIa.
3. Jan Jansz ‘t Hart, follows VIb.
4. Dirk Jansz van Bohemen, follows VIc.
5. Willem Jansz van Bohemen, follows VId.
6. Maarten Jansz. (van Bohemen), follows VIe.
7. Ariën Jansz. (van Bohemen), follows VIf.
8. Haasgen Jansdr van Bohemen, follows VIg.
9. Heijltgen Jansdr van Bohemen, born Eikenduinen c. 1600, died after 2-2-1638, married (Protestant) The Hague 1-11-1623 (notice of marriage 15-10-1623) and  Wilsveen between 29-10-1623 and 12-11-1623 Cornelis Cornelisz van Eijk, baptized (Protestant) Wilsveen 3-10-1599, living in Stompwijk, died after 1665, son of Cornelis Adriaansz van Stompwijk and Maritgen Cornelisdr.

Signature of Jan Cornelisz in 1594.

Vb. Sijmon Sebastiaansz Heul, born c. 1587, living in 1620-1625 in Delft at Korenmarkt, merchant in Delft, died after 11-4-1631, tr. N.N.

Child from the marriage:

  1. Sijmon Bastiaansz. Heul, follows VIh.

Sijmon owns in 1620-1625 a house at the Koornmarkt in Delft. Together with his brother Cornelis he appears frequently in business notarial deeds drawn up in Delft.

House of Sijmon Sebastiaansz Heul on Koornmarkt 32 in Delft (Photo P.J.M. van Boheemen).

Vc. Cornelis Sebastiaansz. Heul, born c. 1575, merchant in Delft (1625), died after 11-4-1631.

Cornelis and his brother Sijmon appear together in many business notarial deeds drawn up in Delft.

Vd. Gerrit Maartensz. Vercroft, farmer on Vrederust in Monster, fighter of Monster (1598 en 1629), well-born man (local judge) and magistrate of Monster (1610-1617 and 1631-1632), died shortly before 7-9-1632.

Gerrit’s heirs  sell his farm Vrederust with haystacks, horse-mill, orchard and planting in 1632 for 23.000 guilders to  governmental printer and publisher Machteld Aalbrechtsdr van Leuningen, widow of Hillebrant Jacobsz. van Wouw. The sale includes 20,5 ‘morgen’ own land, 5,5 ‘morgen’ fief and 18 ‘morgen’ leased land.

Children from marriage:

  1. Maarten Gerritsz. Vercroft, also named Van Boheemen, follows VIi.
  2. Pieter Gerritsz. Vercroft, also named Van Bohemen, follows VIj.
  3. Cornelis Gerritsz. Vercroft, also named Van Bohemen, follows VIk.
  4. Gerritgen Gerritsdr. Vercroft, married before 7-9-1632 Lourens Joosten Zuidgeest, farmer in Kwintsheul.
  5. Trijntgen Gerritsdr. Vercroft, minor at 7-9-1632, died 1673.
  6. Grietgen Gerritsdr. Vercroft, minor at 7-9-1632, married (court of alderman) 30-4-1633 Rijswijk Maarten Cornelisz van der Speck.
  7. Aachgen Gerritsdr. Vercroft, minor at 7-9-1632, married (court of alderman) 10-6-1636 Rijswijk Huijbrecht Cornelisz van Nierop.
  8. Jacob Gerritsz. Vercroft, also named Van Bohemen, follows VIl.

Ve. Cornelis Maartensz Vercroft, also named Van Bohemen,  fighting man of Monster (1598).


Families of sixth generation sons of founder Philip

VIa. Philip Jansz (van Bohemen), born Eikenduinen c. 1583, died before 2-2-1638, married (Protestant) The Hague 29-4-1607 (publication of intended marriage 8-4-1607) Grietgen Cornelisdr. from Wateringen.

Philip has one of more children becoming heir of their uncle Willem (VId).

VIb. Jan Jansz ‘t Hart (also Van Bohemen), born Eikenduinen c. 1584, buried Monster 14-9-1625, married Marritgen Claasdr., died before 2-5-1651, daughter of Claas Gerritsz. and Marritgen Arentsdr., married 2e  Hendrik Dirksz. Verheul, died after 2-5-1651.

Jan Jansz. buys in 1614 from his mother-in-law Marritgen Arentsdr. the rear part of her house on the south side of Geuse Street in Monster. In 1651 this becomes the property of his daughter Jannetgen.

Children from the marriage:

  1. Hillitgen Jansdr. ‘t Hart, died after 2-5-1651, married Cornelis Pietersz., living by the canal Swet (1645), died after 2-5-1651.
  2. Jannetgen Jansdr. ‘t Hart, died after 2-5-1651.
    In 1651 she acquired her mothers’ house on the south side of Geuse Street in Monster.
  3. Probably also Philip Jansz. van Bohemen, died before 29-1-1648, tr. Leuntgen Maartensdr., overl. na 29-1-1648, weduwe van Cornelis Pouwelsz. Verhouf, wonend te Loosduinen, begr. Monster 7-4-1630. Zij hertrouwt Claaa Maartensz. Rotteveel, wonend in Loosduinen, overl. na 29-1-1648.

VIc. Dirk Jansz van Bohemen, born c. 1585 Eikenduinen, farmer on Bohemen in Eikenduinen in Segbroek Polder and on Vinkenburg (later named Bouwlust) in Eikenduinen in Escamp Polder, officer of fighting men (1652-1653), manager of public works in Segbroek Polder (1635), died after 7-4-1666. married NN.

Children from the marriage:

  1. Ariaantje Dirksdr van Bohemen, married (Protestant) Loosduinen xx-12-1648 Crijn (Christiaan) Dirksz van Sollevelt, living in Loosduinen, son of Dirk Cornelisz van Sollevelt, died before 1-5-1652, and Maartgen Dirksdr.
  2. Jacob Dirksz van Bohemen, born c. 1626, living in The Hague, died before 21-1-1666, married (court of aldermen) The Hague (publication of intended marriage 25-4-1660) Jopge Leenderts, living in The Hague, Jopge married 2e (court of aldermen) The Hague 24-1-1666 Simon Pieters van der Meer. For descendants, see the period 1650-1800.
  3. Jan Dirksz van Bohemen (the Elder), peat-cutter in Stompwijk (1681), died presumably after 27-5-1692, married (court of aldermen) The Hague 6-2-1650 (publication of intended marriage The Hague 16-1-1650 and Stompwijk 15-1-1650) Adriaantje Dirksdr van Leeuwen, living in Stompwijk, died after 1681. For descendants, see the period 1650-1800.
  4. Jan Dirksz van Bohemen (the Younger), born c. 1627, farmer on Rijn Road in Loosduinen, died after 23-7-1710, married (Protestant) Loosduinen 28-5-1648 Machtelt Dirksdr van Sollevelt, died Monster after 5-5-1679, daughter of Dirk Cornelisz van Sollevelt, died before 1-5-1652, and Neeltje Simonsdr, died after 1-5-1652. For descendants, see the period 1650-1800.
  5. Maartgen Dirksdr van Bohemen, died before 22-10-1689, married (court of aldermen) Voorburg 8-5-1667 (publication of intended marriage 23-4-1667) Lenart Dirksz van der Haas.
  6. Pieter Dirksz van Bohemen, farmer till 1671 on Vinkenburg (later named Bouwlust) in Eikenduinen in Escamp Polder, buried The Hague 29-1-1707, married (court of aldermen) The Hague 22-5-1673 (publication of intended marriage 7-5-1673) Geertje Willems van der Cleij. For descendants, see the period 1650-1800.
  7. Joanna Dirksdr van Bohemen, married (Protestant) Loosduinen xx-6-1673 Arent Claasz van der Valk.
  8. Willem Dirksz van Bohemen, farmer on Achter Road in Naaldwijk and on Zwarten Dike in  Monster, buried Naaldwijk 19-10-1700, married Joosje Jans Foreest, widow Claas Cornelisz van Geest, buried Naaldwijk 5-1-1699, daughter of Jan Jansz Foreest and Maritgen Joosten Vercroft.
  9. Cornelis Dirksz van Bohemen, baptized (Protestant) The Hague 10-3-1638, farmer on Groene Woning (later named Groenestein) in Eikenduinen in polder Het Kleine Veentje and on Blijrust in Monster in Segbroek Polder, buried The Hague 17-9-1714, married 1e Angela Broekhoven, daughter of Leendert Gijse Broekhoven; married 2e (publication of intended marriage The Hague 13-7-1692) Anthonia (Teuntje) Claasdr van der Linden from Naaldwijk, died The Hague 16-7-1733. For descendants, see the period 1650-1800.

Map fragment with location of Groene Woning Farm (near the word Wegh). Mapped out by Krukius in 1712.

VId. Willem Jansz van Bohemen, born Eikenduinen c. 1587, living in Monster in Geuse Street, buried Monster 15-6-1634, married Adriaantje Leenderts, buried Monster 19-3-1621, daughter of Leendert Jacobsz., living in Schipluiden (1622),

Children from the marriage:

  1. NN, buried Monster 18-8-1611.
  2. Jacob Willemsz. van Bohemen, born Monster c. 1612, buried Monster 24-2-1625.

VIe. Maarten Jansz. (van Bohemen), born Eikenduinen c. 1589,  died before 2-2-1638, married N.N., died after 12-5-1635.

Maarten has one of more children becoming heir of their uncle Willem (VId).

VIf. Adriaan/Ariën Jansz. (van Bohemen),  born Eikenduinen  c. 1591, died after 15-6-1634, married Loosduinen (protestant) 8-6-1642 Adriaantgen Adriaans, widow of Ariën Michielsen.

Child from the marriage

  1. Jannetgen Adriaans, baptized Loosduinen (protestant) 2-11-1642.

VIg. Haasgen Jansdr. van Bohemen, born Eikenduinen c. 1598, living in Monster in Geuse Street, buried Monster 3-6-1689,  married Gerrit Adriaansz.

Child from marriage

  1. Willem Gerritsz. van Bohemen (also Covenhove), born Monster c. 1635, married 1e Monster 30-11-1659 Jorisje Maartensdr., buried Monster 14-10-1676, married 2e  Monster 24-1-1677 Annetje Willems van Aardenhout, born c. 1635, died after 27-6-1699, widow of Gijsbert Adriaansz. van der Beeck.

VIh. Bastiaan Sijmonsz. Heul, born Delft c. 1620, caffawerker (silkworker) at Amsterdam, burgher of city of Amsterdam, buried Amsterdam, Karthuizer Kerkhof 23-1-1681, married 1e Rijswijk (protestant) 11-2-1652 Maria/Marijtgen Sijmons Schoute, buried Amsterdam, Karthuizer Kerkhof 15-8-1661, betrothal 2e Amsterdam 27-10-1663 Trijntje Arents Wassenburg, born Breukelen c. 1635, died before 25-5-1703.

Children of first marriage:

  1. Elisabeth Bastaans (ter) Heul, baptized Delft, Oude Kerk (protestant) 9-10-1652, living in Amsterdam at Leidseplein, buried Amsterdam, Wester Kerk 20-4-1717, married Amsterdam c. 1679 Johannes Hendrik Snelraat, born c. 1650, buried Amsterdam, Wester Kerk 17-12-1721.
  2. Sijmon Bastiaans (ter) Heul, baptized Amsterdam, Wester Kerk (protestant) 18-4-1653, trekwerker (worker at a loom) in Amsterdam, buried Amsterdam, Karthuizer Kerkhof 21-5-1686, betrothal 1e  Amsterdam 22-3-1681 Trijntje Theunis, born Amsterdam c. 1655, died after 24-3-1703, betrothal 2e  Amsterdam 18-10-1698 Gert Timme, puller of golden threads in  Amsterdam, widower of Dorothea Adam Starrenberg. For descendants, see the period 1650-1800.
  3. Marrija Bastiaans (ter) Heul, baptized Amsterdam, Wester Kerk (protestant) 13-5-1657, buried Amsterdam Karthuizer Kerkhof 20-3-1680.
  4. Cornelis Bastiaans (ter) Heul, baptized Amsterdam, Wester Kerk (protestant) 16-11-1659, probably died young.

Children of second marriage:

5. Pieternella Bastiaans (ter) Heul, baptized Amsterdam, Wester Kerk (protestant) 7-9-1664, . probably died young
6. Arnoldus Bastiaans (ter) Heul, baptized Amsterdam, Wester Kerk (protestant) 25-12-1665, probably died young.
7. Arnoldus Bastiaans (ter) Heul, baptized Amsterdam, Wester Kerk (protestant) 3-6-1674, probably died young.
8. Arnoldus Bastiaans (ter) Heul, baptized Amsterdam, Wester Kerk (protestant) 6-10-1675, native burgher of city of Amsterdam, copper plate cutter  (1703), soldier at VOC (United East India Company) from 1708, died Batavia, Hospital 17-11-1710, married Amsterdam, Wester Kerk (protestant) Anna Maria  Benings, born c. 1678, buried Amsterdam, Wester Kerk 18-8-1715, married Amsterdam Wester Kerk (protestant) 10-6-1702 Anna Benings, born c. 1678, buried Amsterdam, Wester Kerk 18-8-1715. For descendants, see the period 1650-1800.
9. Christiaan Bastiaans (ter) Heul, baptized Amsterdam, Wester Kerk (protestant) 26-1-1680, probably died young.

VIi. Maarten Gerritsz Vercroft, also named Van Bohemen, adult on 7-9-1632, farmer in Kwintsheul, died between 12-11-1652 and 15-11-1653, married (presumably 2e) Maartgen Jacobsdr van Velsen, died between 11-4-1638 and 8-8-1639, daughter of Jacob Jansz van Velsen and Maritgen Jorisdr.

In 1630 Maarten buys a house with barn, haystack and trees on north side of the high-road in Kwintsheul. The parcel extends from the north side of the high-road to the bargeditch. Earlier this house belongs to Jan Sijmonsz (IVb) and Sebastiaan Sijmons (IVc). As an encore Maarten becomes 15 ‘morgen’ in subtenancy. In 1648 Maarten sells the house including the right on leasing of  22 ‘morgen’, 16 cows and all kinds of tools for 4500 guilders to Joris Lourensz (VId).

Children, presumably from first marriage:

  1. Gerrit Maartensz van Bohemen, born c. 1618, labourer in Wateringen (1680), died before 29-6-1714, married (court of aldermen) Rijswijk 27-10-1647 Maritgen Pietersdr van der Valk, died before 29-6-1714. For descendants, see the period 1650-1800.
  2.  Jan Maartensz van Bohemen, died c. 1629, impecunious water miller in Wout, Woutharnasch en Groeneveld (1680), married (court of aldermen) Berkel en Rodenrijs 28-10-1656 Neeltje Adriaansdr, daughter of Adriaan Huijgen and Ariaantje Cornelisdr. For descendants, see the period 1650-1800.
  3. Lijsbeth Maartensdr (van Bohemen), born Wateringen, died before 29-4-1685, married (court of aldermen) Rijswijk 17-5-1637 (publication of intended marriage 2-5-1637) Claas Claasz van Henegouwen, also named van Bergen in Henegouwen, nicknamed ‘the Younger’; married 2e (court of aldermen) Rijswijk 27-5-1656 Jacob Segersz de Goede. Jacob married 2e (Protestant) Rijswijk 29-4-1685 Maria Blaris, widow of Barend Schrijnders.
  4. Jannetgen Maartensdr van Bohemen, living in Monster(1680).

Child from the second marriage:

5. Maartgen Maartensdr Vercroft, died before 15-11-1653, married Jacob Beijersz van Outshoorn, baptized Wateringen 1-2-1622, farmer in Wateringen (1680), died 10-7-1709, son of Beijer Arentsz van Outshoorn and Marijtgen Maartensdr. Jacob married 2e before 9-3-1664 Ariaantje Cornelisdr Ouderkerk from Hodenpijl, died before 24-2-1711, daughter of Cornelis Jansz Ouderkerk and Maartge Dame.

VIj. Pieter Gerritsz Vercroft, also named van Bohemen, farmer on Rijn Road in Monster, well-born man (local judge) in 1648 and 1649, fighting man of Monster (1652-1653), died c. 1684, married Maartje Jacobs van der Mark, died between 13-9-1679 and 7-5-1682.

Child from the marriage:

  1. Gerrit (Gerardus) Pietersz van Bohemen, born c. 1630, fighting man of Monster (1652-1653), coadjutor of Westland’s  pastor Verburg, chaplain in Sassenheim (1682), died 23-4-1682..

VIk. Cornelis Gerritsz Vercroft, also named van Bohemen, adult at 7-9-1632, died before 22-10-1674, married c. 1641 Marijtgen Cornelisdr Groenewegen, born c. 1602, died before 22-3-1668daughter of Cornelis Pietersz Groenewegen and Trijntge Jacobsdr. Marijtgen married earlier Jan Huijgen de Bloijs, died before 18-2-1636, son of Willem Huijgens de Blois and Aaltgen Pietersdr van der Meer.

Child from the marriage:

  1. Gerrit Cornelisz van Bohemen, also named Vercroft, bread baker in Delft on Geer Road, buried Delft (Oude Kerk) 25/28-9-1682, married (court of aldermen) Vrijenban 23-4-1673 (publication of intended marriage 8-4-1673) Aafje Jansdr Cock, daughter of Jan Gijsen Cock and Lijsbeth Juffers. Aafje married 2e (court of aldermen) Delft 25-7-1683 (publication of intended marriage 3-7-1638) Pancras Barendsz van Rijn, baker in Delft on Binnenwatersloot. For descendants, see the period 1650-1800.

VIl. Jacob Gerritsz Vercroft, also named Van Bohemen, minor at 7-9-1632, farmer in Voorburg near Tolbrug (1650), died before 22-10-1674, married Maartgen Cornelisdr van Theilingen, died after 22-10-1674. Both make their last will at 19-5-1650.

Presumably children from the marriage:

  1. Gerrit Jacobsz van Bohemen, also named Vercroft, born Voorburg, baker in Leiden on Zuidsingel (1680), married (court of aldermen) Voorburg 13-4-1680 and (Catholitic) Leiden 28-4-1680 and (court of aldermen) Leiden 2-6-1680 Aachge Isaaks van Veen, born Voorburg. Aachge married 2e (court of aldermen) Leiden 24-4-1688 Frederik Jansz van Yerbeek, born Arnhem, baker. For descendants. see the period 1650-1800.
  2. Jan Jacobsz van Bohemen, wedding witness in Leiden (1680) and baptismal witness in Leiden (1682).
  3. Maria Jacobsdr van Bohemen, baptismal witness in Leiden (1682).


Families of seventh generation sons of founder Philip


VIII. Hardly any written archival information has been found about the lives of the two following people. It is suspected that their father(s) are a son of Philips. Jansz. of Bohemen (VIa) or of Maarten Jansz. of Bohemen (VIe). There are several indications for this. It has also been established that a descendant of Dirk van Bohemen in a direct paternal line has the same Y-DNA profile as someone from the rest of the Van Boh(e)men family. See the chapter ‘Skinship research based on Y-DNA’ on the web page DNA tests.

  1. Cornelis Jansz. van Bohemen, born Loosduinen? c. 1640, died before 29-11-1687, married Loosduinen (geref.) 6-6-1666 Cornelia Willemdr. Vroeghop, baptized Loosduinen (protestant) 11-9-1639, daughter of Willem Florisz. and Barbara Cornelisdr., married 2e Loosduinen (protestant.) 29-11-1687 Arij Claasz. van Rijn, widower from Stompwijk. For descendants, see the period 1650-1800.
  2. Dirk van Bohemen, born Loosduinen? c. 1650.  For descendants, see the period 1650-1800.


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