Jos van Boheemen with his father in 1956

Jos (Jozef Cornelis Maria) van Boheemen is born in Voorburg in 1956 with Down syndrome. His parents Petrus Johannes van Boheemen (1916-1976) and Helena Jozephina van Paridon (1917-2001) encourage him to participate as much as possible in ordinary life. For his development it is also important that his teachers succeed in learning him reading, writing and arithmetic.

During his youth, Jos wins a lot of people, partly because of his cheerfulness and humor. When he is 18, he starts working at the Social Employment Service. They offer him the opportunity to work on his social skills for three years. In addition, he can participate in sports and recreational activities through his employer. Because of this Jos builds up his own lifestyle. He also benefits greatly from being able to travel independently by bus.

When Jos turns 37, he leaves the parental house and goes to live in a Family Replacement House in Leidschendam. He comes in a residential group where many household items have to be done.

Jos loves music and parties. His official anniversaries are celebrated as a wedding. When his birthday is over, he immediately looks forward to the next one. He also enjoys playing records and CDs and watching videos and DVDs. It does not really come from a friend.

Jos van Boheemen at his 57e anniversary in 2013.

After seeing Abraham, Jos gets involved with Alzheimer’s disease (dementia). He is not with it, but it does mean that he moves to a closed health care institution in Zoeterwoude in 2012. His caretakers do everything to make it as enjoyable as possible. Jos dies there in 2018 and is burried in Voorburg with his mother.

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